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Living A Happy Life

Summertime at the farm:

Kicked off Summertime on Memorial weekend with the grandson Nick, Nathan, and Nolan.  We built a 7 foot Moss Man.  Yep, found some local folks here in North Florida create these large yard guardians. So, we thought we'd build one.  Kind of looks like a mix between a Wookie and Bigfoot.  Wood frame and some chicken wire get stuffed with moss.  Our has a special touch of presenting a wood cross.

Bill took time to work with each of the boys to practice driving the mower.  Nick the oldest drove all by himself this time.  The other two drove, seated on Bill's lap, and learned the finer points of driving safely.

I've been able to get up on my horse and ride some around the pasture areas.  Was able to get back in the saddle again, which felt great.  Also, have ventured out on my bike for some exercise.  I don't want to stop moving, as I think it would be too easy to give into the idea that I can't do these things anymore.  Fighting hard to not let …

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